Oct 6, 2023 | Introducing

Introducing Felmini

About: Felmini

A Portuguese company founded in 1973, always conveys a splash of nomad spirit in its collections, embracing the current lifestyle footwear trends. Felmini has worked hard over the years to show its product’s quality, especially when it comes to its handmade shoes, which are made with nothing but the best natural leather, complemented with high quality accessories.

The allure of Felmini lies in the metamorphosis process of each collection and shoe. That is how the symbol’s brand was born: a butterfly. And, just as each butterfly leaves a cocoon still unaware of its color or shape, so is born a Felmini shoe. We only know that each butterfly is unique and has gone through a long transformation. At Felmini, no two pairs are alike: they have traveled through a careful and long manufacturing process, filled with craftsmanship’s transformations along the path.


Tall Boots - Black

Bootie - Black

Boots by Felmini - Brown/Bronze